How to Take Success & failures in Life

The success & failure of your life depends on how we take your current successes & failures. So what is the positive approach to accept your successes & failures, so that you are only benefited with your approach?

Always give 50% credit to god/destiny and 50% to yourself for every success & failure of your life.

When you are facing failures in life, accepting the life with this approach, you should not feel demotivated because you can blame your fate/doom, on which you had no control. But as a part you are also responsible for that, so this is the time to find your weaknesses and overcome them to increase your competency to have a more successful life.

When you are having successes in life, accepting life with this approach you should never get overconfident because it was your fate/luck or god’s hand that played a part in your success. But as 50% credit goes to you so this is time to feel more confident & motivated and work optimistically.

Best Wishes 🙂